My music---your house!

What is a house concert?

 Well, quite frankly, it's pretty much what it sounds like, a concert in someone's home; either in a living room, backyard, basement, deck, or driveway.  If you have a space in or around your home that can accommodate 20 or more people (almost any house does) and you can fill it up with enthusiastic music fans you are a great candidate to host a house concert. Click HERE to get started. 

What's different and special about this sort of show is that it's so intimate and close-up. It's so much more fun than a club or arena show.  Imagine having Springsteen or Ed Sheeran playing songs to you and your friends in the family room.  Amazing thought, right?  Well, those guys aren't available so i am here to fill that void. ☺

Here's how a house show usually goes: Guests arrive about an hour or so before the music starts, to mingle and settle in. (Sometimes hosts have a potluck where attendees contribute a dish or drinks.) When it's showtime everyone finds a seat and the host introduces the artist, who then plays for 60-90 minutes, sometimes with a break in the middle to mingle and get to know the audience.  Near the end of the performance, the host will "interrupt" the show to remind guests of the donation aspect of the concert and "pass the plate" so that guests can make a contribution. After the show, guests have a chance to chat with the artist, buy some merch, and then head home to tell their friends how much fun they had. 

If you're ready to host one of these exciting events let's figure out a date that works for us both. Just send me a message HERE!


If you're still on the fence, below are some frequently asked questions. 

How much will this cost?

That's the best part. Because this type of show is donation-based, the audience members are helping to pay for the show. When planning the evening the host makes it known to the attendees that the artist is supported by their contributions so while there is no "ticket price" per-se, the guests are expected to voluntarily contribute something, buy merch, or both.  That's why it's so important to make sure you can get at least 20 or more people to show up.


Do I have to allow strangers into my house?

NO!!  It's your house and the guestlist is 100% up to you. If you want to allow only people that you know personally to attend that is your prerogative. (I'm not super-comfortable with strangers in my house so i totally get it.)  If you are open to allowing others in your area who know my music to attend that is fine as well. Sometimes it's fun to meet new people who are as excited about music as you are. Whatever you decide is entirely and completely up to you.


Are children allowed?

House concerts are meant to be listening-room type events with no talking, phones, or distractions during the performance so they are best suited to an adult audience. As the father of a 2 year old, I can attest that small children will not  enjoy sitting still for an hour or more to listen to my music and will distract everyone else, making the experience less than it could and should be. For this reason I recommend limiting the audience to adults or children of a mature enough age (say, 12ish) to sit still without a phone for the duration of the show.  Some hosts have a babysitter for attendees with children, that can watch them in a physically and sonically isolated area for the hour or 2 of the performance. 


I'm not sure I can get 20 people to attend. Can I still host?

Most hosts have no trouble finding the requisite 20 concert-goers.  In general, the rule is to invite at least double the number of people you expect to attend. So if your room can accomodate 25 people you would try to invite 50 or 60. Unfortunately, because these are audience-funded events, I need the largest number of attendees feasible to cover expenses and hopefully have a little left over to feed my kiddo with. If you're certain you won't be able to get at least 20 people to attend, it may not be the right time for a house concert unless you're willing to donate the difference. 


How do I go about planning? Will you help?

Planning a house concert is relatively easy and low-stress. Once we agree on a date and time the rest is just a matter of figuring out the guest list and sending out the invitations. Some folks get fancy and send out actual mailed invitations, some send out emails, some do texts, and some use facebook messages or event pages.  The more personal the invitation, the more effective it usually is but you know how your friends respond better than I do. I am more than happy to give you ideas and pointers if you want some direction.


I live halfway across the country from you. Will you still come play at my house? 

The short answer is yes. I am willing to play anywhere as long as it's practical.  It's really dependent on whether or not I can book enough  shows in your area of the world to make a particular trip viable. I'm probably not gonna book a flight to California or Canada to do a single show but if I can  do 4 or 5 in an area I can justify the trip. (Or if you're independently wealthy and want to fly me out to you then we just need to find a date that works. )


Will you need a place to stay for the night? 

If you have a spare bedroom or a couch I can crash on for the night that would be ideal.  Hotel rooms and Air B&Bs tend to eat up any chance of making house concert tours cost-effective.


Will you play at my pool party?

Yes, BUT....

a pool party or "party" in general is not a house concert and different rules apply. I do play parties but those are booked with a guaranteed booking fee and a deposit up front. If you're just looking for a musician to play your favorite Tom Petty or Matchbox 20 songs while guests mingle and drink or dance I can do that but it's a completely different thing. House concerts are more like what you'd expect at a taping of MTV unplugged or Storytellers. Silence during the musical performance, maybe some applause between songs, and all original music. 


OK, I'm ready to have a house concert. What do I do next?

Just fill out the form below and hit "submit" and i'll promptly get back to you. 


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