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Birth of a Song

The Soundcloud link below contains the original voicenote recordings that I recorded with my phone when i came up with the original idea for the song "Best Revenge". They show the birth and development of the song from the seminal rhythmic and melodic idea to the lyrical evolution. A few different 'sessions' are on the recording including one in the car (you can hear a turn signal in the background) and one or two where i was trying to be quiet because my wife (then girlfriend) was asleep in the next room. 

Check it out and then listen to the finished product on your platform of choice (click here to link to the major sites)  or right here on the sitewide player.

--This is the kind of stuff i love to listen to from other artists so i figured i'd share. Hope you enjoy it!

400+ episodes of SOTC!

It's been a minute since i've updated anything here. That's because i've been busy getting back to work and between that and raising a 2-year-old i haven't really been keeping up with the site as i should. Anyway, i've been gigging like crazy hoping that this new wave of the 'rona doesn't sidetrack us all and lock everything back down. I've also gotten into the studio a couple of times to work on getting a couple new songs started and i also reached the 400 episode mark of the SOTC facebook livestream series. Crazy to think that i have done 400 of 'em already. As slow as 2020 seemed to crawl by 2021 is flying by and it's hard to believe it's already August.  

I'll try to stop in and update a bit more often. For now, here's the vid of SOTC 400. (Just click the photo)

SOTC 400

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