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Click the pic to check out my Christmas art contest for kiddos!

Click the pic to check out my Christmas art contest for kiddos!

New single drops December 14th! Click to save.

New single drops December 14th! Click to save.

Splintered Mind is my hard rock project with Phil Bright. It's quite a bit different than my solo output and lets me explore my more rockin' side. Here's a teaser for our first single which is set to be released sometime in early 2019

Latest News

Today is "Someday"! 

My newest release is finally here! YES! I'm super stoked to finally have it out there. You can hear it on all the usual streaming outlets, buy it on CDBaby, amazon, and itunes, or watch the video right here. I can't wait to hear what you think! And if it ain't too much trouble please add it on whatever your service of choice is. 

I also got to talk a bit about the tune with my good friend Steven O'Reilly on a bonus episode of his Bar Star podcast. Check it out when you get some time. He talks to a lot of people in the music business that you may not be super familiar with and is quite entertaining. Click the pic to hear that. 

Hope every single one of you has an absolutely wonderful Christmas (or whatever else you may celebrate) and i look forward to playing music for you soon!

"someday" is almost here 

In just a little over a week "If Someday Never Comes" will finally be available and i'm so excited to share it. If you have already pre-saved or pre-ordered it then i owe you a huge THANK YOU!  If not, it's not too late. DO IT!


Entries to the "An Elf Named Moe" art contest are already coming in and i'm anxious to see what all of the kiddos come up with this year. Here's one of the early entries. I'm hoping to get lots more but i know it will be difficult to choose just one to be the winner. If you have a son or daughter who likes to draw go to to find out how they can enter to win the $100 grand prize. It's free so what's stopping you?



I was a guest on episode 267 of Simon Tam's Music Business Hacks podcast. If you're interested in the business side of the music business you can listen on any of the usual podcast providers or just hear it via the website here. Simon had a few great ideas for ways to try to promote my Christmas tune and we talk about books, podcasts, equipment and running among other things.



As always, thank you so much for your support! Talk to ya soon.

"If Someday Never Comes" is just a few weeks away! 

Does that mean that someday has come after all? (i know, i know, bad joke)

The release of my latest single If Someday Never Comes is only a few weeks away and my pre-save campaign is underway. If you're on Spotify you can pre-save it here and if you prefer to own your music you can pre-order from Amazon here. This is a song about feeling like your heart has finally been broken for good and the fear of what comes after. I'm super stoked to share it and can't wait to hear what you think. Please pre-save or pre-order it if you have a second (just click the pic-->). It really helps give a new release some legs if there's some action on it on the day of release.

The 2nd annual Elf Named Moe Christmas art contest is also in full swing and I am, in the words of Frosty's magician Professor Hinkle, "busy, busy, busy" doing all that that entails. If you know a school aged kiddo who likes to draw and would like $100 cash to spend on toys or anything else please let them know about it. It's also a great way to keep your little elves occupied while you're preparing for your Christmas parties and dinners, wrapping presents and whatnot. You can listen to the song (free) and sign up at

I recently did an interview for the podcast Music Business Hacks which is hosted by musician, author, and entrepeneur Simon Tam who, as a member of the all-Asian band The Slants, won a landmark trademark case in the Supreme Court. Simon is a well-spoken and gracious host and we talked about An Elf Named Moe, If Someday Never Comes and other music related topics. The podcast should be online very soon. It will be available in all the usual podcast spots or you can listen directly from his website here.

Thanks, as always, for your continued support. I super-appreciate it.

until next time....

New single set for release 

So, one thing that keeps me from getting things done is the fact that i'm a perfectionist who is brutally aware of how imperfect i actually am. Because of this i'm constantly trying to fix things that i think i can do better. That, in turn, leads me to never finish anything or to trash whatever i'm working on because it's not good enough and start from scratch. 

Well, i've temporarily conquered my near implacable desire to perfect something i've written and am set to release a single called "If Someday Never Comes".  Anyone who's gone through the heartache of losing someone who they were not prepared to lose will relate to the feeling that drove me to write this one.

My longtime friend and former bandmate Adam Wells was gracious enough to play drums for me on the tune and did some amazing things that were pleasant surprises and which made me remember why i have always loved making music with him. On the B3 organ is key-man extraordinaire Bob Ramsey. i struggled against the temptation to turn his keyboard part all the way up through the whole song because his playing was just so damn good. (seriously he's that good)  Phil Bright recorded the whole thing and was so instrumental in helping to achieve my vision that i am begrudgingly forced to give him credit as a co-producer. ;)

Anyway, keep an ear out for it.  If everything goes according to plan it'll be available on December 14th.  If you follow me on Spotify or whatever your favorite streaming service is it will be a big help to me and i'll be forever grateful. You can also follow my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to keep up with me on the socials if that's where you hang. 


excitement building 

I'm super stoked! As of this week I'm finally finished with the final mix of the single I've been working on "If Someday Never Comes".  I had my heart set on a November 26 release but like a bonehead I was so focused on the music that I dropped the ball on getting my art together so while the 26th is still a possibility, it may be necessary to push the release back by a week or two while I get my act together. Keep an eye out for a Spotify pre-save campaign that will be launching in the coming days and if you've got the Spotify app please follow me here! Doing so will let you know when the single drops and can help to get it noticed by the Spotify algorithms and possibly get it some additional exposure.   And if I can make enough money at the $.004 per stream rate that Spotify pays maybe I'll buy you a beer! (but probably not. Most beers at the bars i frequent cost 1000 streams or more. ha!). If you don't have the app keep in mind that's it's free to download and you can still follow me. 

In other news, Phil Bright and I finally decided to officially name our project Splintered Mind and I'm mega-excited to start releasing that music as well. We've already got a few songs in the can ready to go and we've got some special guest appearances by some fabulous musician friends so watch for that.  Our first single is called "Starting Now" and is the tune in the video teaser above. It should be ready for release in short order so if you want to hear my more rockin' side that's where you'll find it. 

My little elven Christmas tune "An Elf Named Moe" is getting a little traction on Pandora radio just in time for the holiday season. It's been added to the Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, and Jimmy Buffet holiday radio stations and I've recorded a special message that you may hear if you're a Pandora listener. I'm also ready to start doing some judging on the 2nd annual Elf Named Moe art contest. Check out if you know a school-ager that would like to win the $100 grand prize.

Lastly, if you're around the Louisville, KY area this evening (November 3rd)  I'll be playing with RED, The Veer Union, Veio, The Villebillies, and Hunter Borowick at the Rock Out Cancer/KevFest concert benefiting Shirley's Way, which is a fabulous charity that helps cancer patients pay their bills while they're undergoing treatment. As many of you may know, KevFest started as a benefit to help out my buddy Kevin McCreery when he was struggling with the big C and I think he would be proud to see what it's growing into. 

That's about all my news. Until next time....

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